Mango Custard Creme Tarts

Try my new Custard Creme Mango Tarts and you will go GA..Ga over them !!


Holidays over and its finally time to work again. I have been really slow with the new posts since a month as I was travelling, there was a wedding in the family and what not. All this while, I have been sulking all the time that I am not being able to blog. I cant even express in words how much I have missed this. But finally i can say that holidays are over and I totally am back to work. Sigh 😀

Well, the first thing that came to my mind after this immensely long summer break were tarts. I have been longing to bake them all these while. And since its the MANGO season, i madly wanted to incorporate mangoes in them. First I thought i should go for a mango flavored tart shell but then i changed my mind….. I would have to use an artificial mango flavor for the crust and I was totally not ready for any substitution to fresh mangoes. 😉


After a lot of brainstorming, I finally came up with these. I kept the crust plain…. that is a basic tart shell but  topped my tarts with juicy mango marmalade. You can simply use thinly sliced mangoes if you dont want to use the marmalade. The only reason behind me using a marmalade is that the flavors are intact, and it gives an amazing glaze to the tarts and makes you look like a pro. I love this part about it 😀

If you wish to incorporate a lot of fruits rather than concentrating only on mangoes then you may read the recipe of my Fresh Fruit Tarts Here. Tarts are my absolute favorite. The best part about them is that it can both be a dessert, a starter or a maincourse…… Next on my mind is a maincourse with tart shells. I shall come up with it soon…..eeeeee


I was really really nervous trying these mango custard creme tarts. Unlike my fresh fruit tarts, i wanted the crust to be really chewy and soft. This was a real challenge. Also keeping the flavors of the mangoes and custard creme intact is a tricky thing to do. Many times, your custard creme and mangoes could mix up and you wouldnt get the individual flavors of it. With my recipe, You can assure of the flavors and a chewy and soft crust. These mango tarts are a win- win each time you make them.

P.S- Make them enough because the demand for them is really gonna be high ❤

It may loook really tricky to make these tarts, But trust me its really really easy to make them. Even if you are a beginner you can make these easily. Just go bake them 🙂 If you follow the recipe well and are a little aware about how to go about in the kitchen, you will make wonders with the recipe and the outcome will surprise you.

My dad told me these tarts should be sold at a bakery, which was the best compliment I ever got. Yeiiii 😀



Lets begin with the recipe of my Mango Custard Creme Tarts.


Serves: 8 to 10 bite size tarts

Prep Time:1 hour ( Including the chilling time)

Baking time: 15 mins

For the Tart Shells

  • All Purpose Flour- 150 gms
  • Unsalted Butter- 60 gms
  • Castor Sugar- 50 gms
  • Baking Powder- 1/4th tsp
  • Chilled water- 2 tbsp

For the Custart Creme

  • Vanilla Custard- 1/2 cup( 1 cup milk, 2 tbsp Custard Powder, 2 Tbsp Sugar)
  • Whipped Creme- 1/2 Cup

For Mango Marmalade

  • Diced Mango- 1 cup( Use ripe and sweet Mango)
  • Sugar- 3 to 4 Tbsp( Use more if the mangoes are not sweet enough)
  • Salt- A pinch
  • Orange Juice- 2 tbsp
  • Lemon Juice- 1/2 tsp
  • Sprinklers- Optional


Preheat oven for about 10 mins at 180 degrees

1. Rub butter along with flour with the help of your fingertips until its finely mixed. Add sugar, baking powder, chilled water and form it into a dough. Cover with a plastic wrap for 15 mins. Roll out the dough, cut it a size bigger that your tart cups and line them in the tart shells.For more pictures and details on how to make a tart shell. Read my recipe for raspberry tarts here.

2. Bake them for about 15 mins at 180 degrees, in a preheated oven.

3. While they are baking, prepare your custard creme. Mix half cup whipped creme and half cup vanilla custard.To make 1/2 cup vanilla custard: Add 2 tbsp vanilla custard powder to 1 cup milk. Stir them till thick. Add 2 tbsp sugar to it. Fold in together, and let it chill in the refrigerator.

4. Dice mangoes. Add sugar, salt, orange juice, lemon juice. Leave it for atleast half and hour, in the refrigerator until the juices are combined.

5. Once the tarts are baked, let them cool for some time.

6. Fill in 1 tbsp custard creme. Top it up with mango marmalades

7. Add sprinklers if you wish.

Your Mango Custard Creme Tarts are now ready. 😀



*Try using as ripe and as sweet mango as you can,

* Do not overfill the tarts with custard creme.

*Try keeping the custard creme suttle. Dont add too much sugar to the whipped creme as the tarts on the whole may become too sweet.

* Mangoes can be used as thin slices if you dont have the time to make the marmalade.

*Chill the tarts before serving.

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Keep Baking



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