Chocolate Caramelized Banana Crepes

These Chocolate Caramelized Banana Crepes are the most sinful dessert ever. You don’t mind gulping down these calorie loaded dessert because they are worth every bite. I am totally in ❤ with these!!!!


Every time I make something totally new, something which I haven’t tried making before , I really feel nervous. I want it to come out perfect on the very first attempt. Most of the times I am successful but sometimes I am not. That is my bad day. Nonetheless, These crepes totally surprised me. I was super happy with the final results. In my very first attempt of making crepes at home, I was successful. They not only look glorious but taste heavenly. The Caramelized Bananas add richness to the crepes and makes them all the more “Sinful” 🙂

P.S- Homemade Crepes will surely Surprise you. ❤


A crepe is a very thin form of a pancake and has its origin from France. They are made by pouring a very thin batter over a hot pan and cooked lightly on both sides. A crepe can be made in a variety of ways. It can be both sweet and savory. I will be doing a savory version of the crepes soon. They might look complicated but are extremely easy to make. If you are a beginner at cooking, you Must try these crepes and you could be star of the evening by serving these hot crepes to your guests.


I feel to have discovered the most easiest yet sinful dessert recipe. All you have to do is, put the ingredients together and whip up a batter. The batter has to be of a thin consistency so that it can be spread easily. The filling in the crepes is entirely your choice. I am waiting for the strawberry season in order to make some amazing crepes out of strawberries. I have used Caramelized Bananas. They add enormously to the flavor of the chocolate crepes.

P.S- My house was filled with the Aroma of Cinnamon and Brown Sugar while making these.



I am really proud that these crepes came out just the way I wanted them to be. Like all of you, I thought of them to be a real wonder before I actually ended up trying these. As you know my Blog is entirely eggless, the greater challenge here was to make these crepes without eggs. I didn’t want to compromise on the texture. After a lot of research, and flipping back through my cooking diary , I thought of various combination of ingredients which could give me similar consistency. Finally, here I am with an Eggless Crepe Version. I made chocolate crepes instead of the normal vanilla crepes. I love the chocolate flavor. Also it really complemented my Caramelized Bananas.

You can enjoy your crepes both as a dessert or for breakfast. When you are serving your crepes for dessert, you can add fresh fruits and serve it with honey or maple syrup. This is the most exotic part about crepes that they can be eaten in any form. It is a healthy option for breakfast because it is made out of wheat flour and when served with fresh fruits and honey it becomes a sinful yet not calorie loaded. If you wish to make savory crepes you can always skip the sugar and add in your favorite veggies. I am thinking of a mushroom and broccoli crepe. Lots of idea in my mind though 😛 Enjoy these !!!

P.S- You can serve the crepes with Whipped Cream, Chocolate Sauce or your favorite flavored Ice-Cream.


Prep Time- 10 mins

Makes About- 5 Crepes

Cooking Time- 10 mins


For the Caramelized Bananas:

  • Bananas- 2 to 3
  • Brown Sugar- 4 Tbsp
  • Butter- 2 Tbsp

For the Chocolate Crepes:

  • Whole Wheat Flour- 1/2 cup
  • Rich Dark Cocoa- 2 Tbsp
  • Sugar- 2 Tbsp
  • Honey- 1 Tbsp
  • Baking Powder- 1/4th Tsp
  • Cinnamon Powder- 1/2 Tsp
  • Nutmeg Powder- 1/4th Tsp
  • Water- As required

For Garnishing:

  • Icing Sugar
  • Chocolate Syrup- 2 Tbsp


1. In a bowl mix all the ingredients given under the Chocolate Crepes Section and mix until you get a smooth consistency and keep it aside.

2. In a pan, heat butter, once it starts to melt add brown sugar.

3. Once the sugar start to bubble up add bananas and let them cooking for about a minute on each side.

4. Pour a large spoon full of batter in a non-stick pan and distribute the batter with the help of a spatula on evenly.

5. Let the crepe cook for about 2 mins on each side.

6. Layer them with chocolate sauce and caramelized bananas and fold them.

7. Dust some Icing Sugar on top.

Your Chocolate Caramelized Banana Crepes are now ready ❤


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