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Hello all you lovely readers,

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I know its been really long that I posted something here. But as promised, I was working on making a new website for blogging which is way better. I say better because its easier to navigate, has additional features that enhance the look and help you better, has a lot of space for pictures and is really beautiful.

Now if any of you are wondering as to why did I shift from WordPress to a personal domain Its simple guys… After 1 year of blogging at WordPress I thought it was time I should make the shift.

I launched the website on Christmas 2015, well it does sound too old but it was just 3 weeks ago. I am really excited to put this  post up here, so that we can connect again on my new website. Now some of you follow my blog posts only through WordPress and not on other social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook which is why you might not know about the all new

P.S- Just log on to, and on the right hand side under my picture, you can see a small dialogue box where in you need to fill in your name and email and you can subscribe to my new website. All new post updates will come directly to your mail box. Please please subscribe to the whole new and I promise you won’t be disappointed. 

I hope to see you all there. Some really exciting posts like Christmas Tree Brownies, Strawberry Pie, Banoffee Pie Parfaits etc are up on the blog already. Do check it out.

Lots of Love


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