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I am Shruti Agrawal . I am a marketer turned blogger.


Well, I do not

I am a foodie and I love cooking and trying new recipes myself.Its not my recent or new found love for cooking and baking. As a kid, I would go to the kitchen and would ask mom to teach me how she makes such delicious recipes.

I have loved baking for my family and friends ever since. But i never thought about writing my own blog or sharing my recipes.By each passing day.. my passion for baking heightened and it really made me happy. This is when, i decided i should start my Blog and trust me I felt amazing writing my first post. I have always maintained a personal diary, and wrote my each day onto it. When i decided on writing my blog….. the first thing i had to decide was the name, well because of my love for maintaining personal diaries…. the only name that striked me for my blog was “Cooking Diary”. I didnt even give it a second thought :P.  It was AMAZING!

Cooking is an ART! Be as Creative as you can ! 🙂

I truly believe that cooking is an art and you dont need to be perfect at it. You can have your own version of everything and anything you make. I always like to make my version of the recipe if i am adapting it from somewhere. All you need to do is explore. “Never be afraid of trying something new in your kitchen”

I love Italian and Chinese food. Pasta’s are my favourite. I can have them any time of the day. I do have a sweet tooth. However, i don’t enjoy the Indian sweets  as much. I love muffins, doughnuts, cakes, pastries, cupcakes………. and the list continues 😛 😉 I just cant get enough of them. As much as i enjoy eating them…I enjoy making them tooo….

Just like any little girl….I love Strawberries.. Its my favorite fruit. I wish fresh strawberries were available throughout the year 😦 … But when they are not available i use the flavor or the extract. When they are available i use them in almost everything i make…lol. I enjoy baking very much. I will be posting a lot of baking dishes… BAKING just makes me super happieee :

I am a movie buff….I love watching Bollywood Movies….”HOllywood MOvies “? Nah, i dont watch them….. I love eating out……Italian at Theos…. Big Chills Cafe…. Doughnuts at Dunkinns…. All of them… 🙂

Desserts attract me the most…So i love making them…. I love the bakery shop..Right from pastries… to doughnuts….to muffins…to chocolates…all of them.

I love Cofffeeee (Cold or Hot- Both)

Jalebiiii my favourite…. I always keep craving for it 😀

Thank You for Reading!

Shruti XOXO

44 thoughts on “Know Me

    • Hey Sanjana,
      Congratulations on your award. It was much deserved. Your blog is really amazing…. Kuddos to you :*
      And Thank You so much for nominating me for The Sunshine Award. It really means a lot to me. This is my first nomination and i feel really delighted.
      Yes i would love to participate in it. Could you pls guide me as to how can i participate ?
      Looking forward for your reply


      • I could probably be considered a “kid these da&#;s8221y, and I beat it. I figured out that I had to spindash a foot or two away from the boss right when it lands on the ground. It took a hell of a lot of hits to beat, though.


  1. Hey Shruti. i love the write up and yes.. sisters make the bestest friends! I have two 🙂 Its a veyr interesting perky blog that you have here. discovering more of yours now. Happy Blogging!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Namrata…. Thank you soo much for stopping by. I am so happy to read Your lovely comment early morning. Hi 5 on the fact that you too think sisters make bestest friends 🙂
      I love your blog too babes…. Its really different and high on creativity. The pictures are amazing and mouth watering. Looking forward to new reads on the blog.
      Lots of Love


  2. Hey Shruti…..I really loved your about page!!!!…….. Am a big foodiee and love to cook as well!….so am gonna follow your blog…By the way am south Indian!!, hope u have no offense for south Indian follower as u have for dishes 😛 :D….


  3. Hey Shruti, check right side in my about page under “my kitchen references” I have listed your page…… hope being your sincere follower and to my fav cooking blogger I gifted something little by doing this and hope you like it… I loved the way you do!!!

    Asmithaaa…Never have an end!!!


  4. What a sweet and lovely blog you have set up! Like you I find cooking fun and relaxing, and love trying new recipes. Looking forward to sharing our culinary adventures 🙂


  5. Hi shruti… congratulations your blog turns 1. I live in a very small town, i love your recepies but one or two ingredients of your recepies are not available here in markets. So please share some recepies of which ingredients are easily available in evey markets. 😊☺

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi tanu. Thank you soo much for your wishes. Ohh..I try to keep the recipes as simple as possible. Do let me knw the ingredients and I will tell you the substitutes you can use. And I will definitely try to keep it simple.
      Love all of you.
      Have you checked my latest post on instagram and facebook? Save your best food blog 2015 nominations are open. More details on those accounts. Do nominate me 🙂


  6. Hey Shruti u r such wonderful chef
    Perfect Baker
    Love to see ur recipe’s
    Kindly share u rdetox drinks recepie as well which u drink in morning vibes…
    Message u on insta many time…but u have not seen yet.
    Hope u reply to my queries.


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